How to Get Through Hardships (Part 2)

Hardships are defined as a lack of comfort, suffering, deprivation, oppression, poverty, pain, or loss. Years ago, I taught a humanities class at Scott Community College in Davenport, Iowa entitled Changes, and Choices. I shared with my class that there are "simple"...

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Laughter, Your Personal Signature

Whether we snort, cackle, chortle, or have a wild, weird little giggle, you have a “laugh print,” a personal signature that’s too, too you. Laughter is so basic to humans; we barely notice it—unless it totally pleases or absolutely annoys us. But laughter has...

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High Wind Warning

The brightness of the leaves falling through the air, chilly autumn days, digging out my sweaters from the back of my packed closet (I don't have that many sweaters, just small closets) makes me love fall. How much I enjoy the quiet pleasures such as a cozy spot to...

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How to Get Through Hardships (Part 1)

Fall had come early to this lovely picturesque town along the Mississippi River. The morning was crisp. Many women were entering through the main double doors of the Davenport Conference Center. Most were dressed comfortably, wearing long pants, jeans, sweaters, or...

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