The brightness of the leaves falling through the air, chilly autumn days, digging out my sweaters from the back of my packed closet (I don’t have that many sweaters, just small closets) makes me love fall.

How much I enjoy the quiet pleasures such as a cozy spot to linger and read a good book. (Speaking of a good book, check out my memoir, Set on Fire, which will be available around Christmas.)

I love decorating my home for the seasons. I often turn to nature for inspiration. I enjoy creating a welcoming haven for myself and my family, especially on the days consumed with pain and suffering due to my autoimmune diseases: Crohn’s, lupus, and RA.

I have festive pumpkins placed in strategic places, fall leaves scattered on bookshelves, and autumn scents in the air.

Today, here in Cheyenne, we have a high wind warning posted. High wind warnings are relatively common here. The leaves on the trees are a beautiful golden yellow this morning, but most will be blown away by the end of the day.

Last night I wrote in my journal that I wanted “no more wind” in my life Lord. The wind blows me back and forth. I feel powerless.

Living with illness, we often feel like we’re being blown here and there, drying up like fallen leaves and being tossed to and from, powerless to change anything.

Our lives were turned upside down when we became sick. The more unseen we feel, the more vulnerable we become.

I know many individuals who lose brightness, vigor, and strength due to chronic illness. The language of loneliness and isolation becomes understood by hearts enrolled in the school of suffering.

I looked out my kitchen window today and saw the trees blowing in the wind. Yellow leaves were raining down on my patio and backyard. The leaves weren’t fighting the wind; they were simply going with it.

I need to remember that I tend to fight everything. If I fight everything, it just wears me out.

Inside the kitchen, I placed the black teapot my daughter bought me for Christmas a few years ago on my stovetop’s back burner. I sprinkled some cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg inside the teapot and turned the burner on low.

Lord, right now my home is filled with a wonderful aroma drifting into the air like candles of incense sending sweet aroma to You.

This morning, You are sending me the incense of peace and comfort. Can I accept Your peace and comfort and be grateful for Your blessing to me?

Some days, I do pretty well with being grateful for Your blessings, Lord; other days, especially when I feel awful, it’s hard.

I will do better at paying attention to this and accepting Your gifts to me, like the beautiful fall leaves.

Your turn: How do you do with being grateful? Share with me and let me know what you think.


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